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Little Rock Roofing ContractorLittle Rock Roofing Pros offers the best in roofing services, supplies and materials to protect one of the biggest investments we tend to make in life: a home. To protect your home, the installation of a quality roof is key. Not to mention, the roof service company you select becomes an important player in how much value your home retains for the years down the line!

We are proud to have served this community in roof installations and repairs for decades, staffed by the best in our industry for construction and labor! Our services are tried and true by repeat, loyal customers who love our commitment to our community. In terms of local roofing companies, as far as our most satisfied clients might say— we tend to bring the roof down!

We service the following locations and more: Little Rock, North Little Rock, Benton, Bryant, Sherwood, Maumelle, Morgan, Austin — AND MORE!

As there are countless situations and possibilities for needed roof repairs/installations when it comes to your home being involved, this is not a full list seen below. For more information and inquiries, call us today and one of our roof construction/installation experts will be able to assist you personally.

Our residential roofing services include:

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    ● FREE RISK ASSESSMENTS FOR INSURANCE CLAIMS – At no additional cost to you, Little Rock Roofing Pros provides risk assessment roof insurance claim inspections. This can determine if you are a candidate for roof repair(s) that may be covered either partially or completely by your insurance company! This can save you countless dollars on this all-important investment for your home— and give you the peace of mind & satisfaction of knowing there won’t be future incidents like this to worry about. Not with Little Rock Roofing Pros on your side!

    ● RESIDENTIAL ROOF REPLACEMENT – Roofs are the hats of your home. They’re going to have to be replaced eventually, but especially regularly— or else it can be an accident just waiting to happen! Regular maintenance is critical to this all-important investment of property owning, but considering all of the other duties in our lives to attend to, homeowners just shouldn’t be expected to assume regular maintenance and responsibility over the structural state of their roofs, on top of everything else. That’s where the best Central Arkansas Roofing company comes in. We make it easier for you, and last longer too.

    ● RESIDENTIAL HAIL DAMAGE REPAIR / RESTORE – Hail is one of Mother Nature’s meaner weather tantrums, and she can get pretty ruthless about inflicting some nasty property damage. Your roof is always going to be one of her main targets! the best Roofers in Little Rock Arkansas, however, is available to provide roof damage repair from hail that can be performed affordably and quickly, and on a schedule catered to your convenience! If you’ve ever seen odd irregularities in the tiling of your asphalt or gravel singles, you might have a keen eye for roofing (send us your resume?), but it can be fairly difficult without a seasoned eye to spot these impact-caused spots of roof damage by hail/weather. One of our representatives with just such an eye, trained for years by seeing & handling every sort of storm and brick you can think of, will come out to your roof and assess any possible damage post-hail storm with efficiency, ease, and expertise.

    ● ACCIDENTAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGE REPAIR – A common roof damage that appears to inconvenience homeowners is indirect storm damage, like a tree swept up by winds that batters against the roof, or one falling entirely down onto it. We can come to your rescue in no time, find the risk assessments claim filing most appropriate for the situation, and save you money and often future headache!

    ● RESIDENTIAL WIND DAMAGE REPAIR / RESTORE – The amount of cold fronts and sheer number of floods our region of Arkansas faces in the year marks our community as weather-hardy and tough enough to weather any storm. The same must be made for our roofs— high winds can cause some serious mischief, like rip roofing components such as fan or attic vents up and off from its secured hold. They can even lift up entire shingles and displace them, wreaking havoc and thus threatening the entire structural integrity of your home! We are able to provide services like replacing lost shingles and
    vents, and restrengthening and securing specific sections of shingle on your roof. Estimates may vary depending on area of needed repairs and extent of damage.

    ● EMERGENCY ROOF REPAIR – We are a local business supporting our community, first and foremost— that means you and your home. When disaster strikes, we can take every pain imaginable beforehand to try to prevent or mitigate it— but what disaster is ever perfectly prevented? That’s why they’re called disasters! The Pros at Little Rock Roofing want to help, and will. Emergencies that compromise your roof, endangers your property and possessions, and becomes a safety hazard for your and your loved ones well-beings— we’d prefer them not to happen, but if they do, we’re here and ready to assist when you call. No need to wait business hours— the priority is the safety of your home, first!


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