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The best roof repair company in Jacksonville Arkansas is waiting for your call! We are a local business that believes in supporting and reinvesting in our fine community, . That includes the literal roof over your head!

​For quality workmanship and premium roof repair at fair prices, with no hidden fees in our estimates, look to the Pros. Our customers, your neighbors, and your house will love the smart investment you made to protect the biggest, most important purchase you’ll ever make by buying property— the installation of a quality roof to hold it all together perfectly.

Roof Repair in Jacksonville

You’re so close to the home of your dreams. Whether it was a fixer-upper that just needed some loving elbow grease and gumption, or the prefab that came ready assembled, or the old lot that’s stayed in your family for generations, there is work to be done, and you’re ready to take charge to make those dreams happen. But owning a home is a major responsibility, no matter what— and Little Rock Roofing Pros is here to help you ease some of the burden. We believe in quality residential roof improvements and roof repair Jacksonville and for all of Central Arkansas: ones that will maintain the high value of your home without killing the bank.

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    Little Rock Roofing Company A roof is critical to the integrity of a home. A properly installed one, like Our Company provides, will protect your home’s value, equity, and physical foundations (eaves, walls, furniture!) from the elements like wind and storm water. For example: if you’ve ever noticed a strange and consistent dampness in a corner foundation or basement coming from a specific point in the ceiling, you might have hail damage to your roof. Hail damage to a roof is rapid and instantaneous, especially when coupled with the strong winds from a storm that can lift the shingles just enough to penetrate the protective barrier of your roof and precious home from the elements. Moisture and mold growth becomes promoted wherever the roof’s tiling has been compromised, and even weakening the materials of the roof itself— the exact thing that is meant to protect your home from sometimes trivial, sometimes dangerous moisture growth ends up accelerating it!

    It is often hard to notice such irregularities to the structural integrity of your roof until it’s far too late and has become a much more costly and complicated repair than roofing. Those irregularities in the roof’s construction often take a trained and careful eye, and most people are simply too busy to be able to check regularly after every storm. We take that responsibility off your hands, can identify the severity of a damage, and even preemptively spot the weaknesses in your otherwise normal and functioning roofing. (Those little hard-to-spot crevices and weak points in a roof are exactly the marks of old roofing in need of replacement, or simply shoddy workmanship.) We believe in hiring trained experts only on our staff, and being able to explain clearly and plainly in non-industry speak what an improvement process will look like, the accurate time period for the work, and that we can get it done with fair, ethical pricing and professional finish. Give us a call if you are looking for roofing company near me, we have you covered.

    We offer reasonable pricing on a wide variety of projects— call us today and we can get out to you within 24 hours!

    • Company Goal:

    Little Rock Roofing Pros would like to be the first and last call for your roofing projects. Our goal is to maintain a high level of quality, honesty, dependability and professionalism. You can expect to be given all the options and required information to make the most logical and economical decisions for your roofing project. We are proud to be at the top of roofing companies Jacksonville Ar !

    Roofing Company in Jacksonville Arkansas

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    Every homeowner, like you, has unique concerns specific to their individual needs. Whether you’ve noticed weather damage to your roof, or noticed a leak and can’t pinpoint the source, or realized that your roof has perhaps been over the hill and past its optimal age of service for quite a while now and might just need to be completely redone for a new look— the best roofer in Jacksonville can be there within the day to solve your concerns and fix the problem. We’ll repair your home like it’s ours!

    We give free estimates during your first appointment in order to allow you to have the information you need to make an informed decision about your impending project or repair.

    To Set Up Your Jacksonville Roofing Appointment...

    The steps to set up an appointment with one of our staff is simple! Call (501) 557-3250 and one of our roofing experts will give you a clear rundown of our services provided. Once you have selected an appointment time, one of our roofing sales staff will come to your home to identify and discuss your roofing needs as you see fit. Depending on the scope of the repairs or improvements planned, they will then provide a free estimate and a choice of options catered to your roofing needs and situation. As the homeowner, you will be given all of the information you need to make a fair and informed choice for your structural needs, personalized for you and your home.

    Hire US to perform your next roofing service! We do:

    • Asphalt shingle
    • Tile
    • Slate
    • Pitched
    • Flat
    • Metal
    • Gutters
    • ​Soffit and Fascia Repairs
    • Roof Decks

    And more! All materials we use are of premium, professional quality and made to last for your residential home. We use quality products from Tamko, CertainTeed, and GAF to achieve the best results. Choose us for all your professional home improvement service needs.

    We will provide you and your friends, family and neighbors, all the same care we’ve been providing for years to this proud community! With years of experience, and the courtesy you have come to expect from a hard-working local business, we will be available 24/7 after providing the initial estimate to answer any and all your questions and concerns, should you still have any or discover new ones to ask after.

    If replacing your roof completely, the project time will vary depending on size. Warranties are offered for all materials used to assemble your new roof. The roof installation professionals we send out are seasoned and have seen it all, through all the seasons! They’ll be prepared to provide the highest quality work whatever the circumstances, and stay committed to keeping a clean & professionally appropriate work site. This gives you the break you need, free from worry of any unknown forces during or after project time, and will get you back to the comforts of your home in no time at all, and made only more enjoyable with a renewed feeling of security, knowing everything housed in your property— your possessions, your family, you! — are properly covered.

    A Local Roofing Company

    We keep mentioning our business to be local and active within the community— why is this important?

    The difference between a national franchise roofing company and a local one is huge! Our company is committed, active to giving back and reinvesting the wealth you provide us with our services for your homes, and supporting charities, organizations and fundraisers that benefit Central Arkansas. We’ll never put you on hold for minutes to hours, only for you to end up speaking to a call center representative that doesn’t know the first thing about roofing. We provide answers to your questions, and we provide time-efficient, professional quality solutions.

    Important to note: roofing insurance claims are a process that a franchise is extremely unlikely to bother to take the time to explain in detail with you. Our professionals on staff walk you the roofing insurance claim process from beginning to end, just so you know exactly what to expect and to do for the most successful and quickest claim.

    We are super excited to announce our all new and improved Gutter Services division. We have lately seen more and more calls for gutter repair, new gutter installations, seamless gutter systems, and gutter guards, so we have doubled down and expanded our ability to service more of our customers that are needing any type of Home or commercial guttering services here in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Check out our new service page by clicking this link: Little Rock Gutter Installation and Repair

    Our Service Area:

    We love the Central Arkansas region and the immediate counties surrounding our service area. We are excited to service Jacksonville residents as well as the surrounding region within approximately a 60 mile radius. Our professional team will schedule an onsite assessment at your home or place of business and will work to provide you a detailed quote.

    Our mission is to always surpass your expectations! We also service: the local area, as well as Little Rock, North Little Rock, Conway, Mayflower, Maumelle, Vilonia, Greenbrier, Sherwood, Benton, Cabot, and Bryant.

    Emergency Services

    Call Little Rock Roofing Pros for unexpected emergencies. We will get to you within 24 hours upon call and notification of leaks, and we repair storm damage with ease. We will make every effort to resolve your home/roof issue as soon as possible. Most repairs are completed within 72 hours with minimal long-term damage.


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