Living in Little Rock Arkansas is not easy as when the weather changes it may cause damaged due to rain, hail or stormy winds which results in roof damaging. Dedicated professionals should be hired to ensure new roof installation or replacement. 

Roof replacement also required when there is a leakage or a roof becomes old and weak. In order to maintain the quality of the home, people have to take this important decision. The material used in the roof replacement should be analyzed and construction work should be monitored to ensure everyone’s protection living under it. Different types of material are required for a strong and long-lasting roof like slate, wood, and metal. Below are some steps needs to be followed while installing a roof:

Let’s discuss each step in detail.

Property Protection:

Property protection is the main step in any construction work. There should be a strong protection plan either for new roof installation or for a replacement. Make sure twice that the whole property is safe and sound before the beginning of the plan. The plan may include many factors like tarps protection, bushes, sidings, plants, etc. 


Old and damaged shingles should be removed especially those who are in layers and in a bad condition. Properly dispose of the extensively damaged and warped shingle layers. Old nails should be removed entirely. Other materials should also be in consideration.

Inspection of Roof:

Once the shingles are removed properly, there should be a thorough inspection. Any kind of damage or rotten wood must be replaced timely to create a solid base for the structure of the roof.


It is important to make sure the shingles are straight so before starting the nailing process, the whole roof start from top to bottom should be laid down. It is important to keep the shingles straight.


The roof should be protected before the shingles laid down. In order to moist the barrier, tar paper can be used. Lay down the sheathing gradually as it’s a more appropriate method and result-driven approach. 


In this phase, a squeaky metallic flashing piece is involved in the place with segments of roof construction, about the chimneys and more around additional obstacles. At the edge of the roof bottom, a drip edge is added to protect the wooden structure. To cut the metal into pieces a tin snip should be added.

In order to ensure efficient and secure roof development above steps must be followed. Hire a professional contractor in order to get a good end-result. Make sure the contractor staff is fully experienced and well-trained and put the customer on first priority. Installing a roof is an investment that requires proper time and estimation. A well-trained staff must cater to the needs and ensures that the job is done right. They also guide you regarding the latest methods and techniques and provides the warranty.